Flipping Documents

“Flipping” is the most uniquestest feature of “TableFlip”: TableFlip shows the document contents as they are right now so you can edit tables visually while you compose your Markdown document.

You can work on the same document from within TableFlip and your favorite text editor at the same time. Open the file in TableFlip and your editor:

  • Edit the Markdown contents in your editor, save the file, and see the changes reflected in TableFlip immediately.
  • Change the tables in TableFlip, save the file, and (if your text editor doesn’t suck,) you’ll see beautiful Markdown tables in your document.

If you want to see the rendered Markdown file, you can add the well-known Markdown previewer Marked to the mix. It’ll just work.


Does this work with my editor?

Chances are your favorite editor will pick up changes to the Markdown document and show the new text contents out of the box already.

Some editors that I know do work seamlessly with TableFlip:

  • TextMate
  • Atom
  • SublimeText
  • BBEdit
  • Xcode