How Can I Add a New Table?

TableFlip currently focuses on editing tabular data. (Creating documents from scratch is not part of my goals right now, but I have something cool in mind for a later version.)

Here’s how I suggest you add a table to the document to edit it in TableFlip:

  1. Open the same file with your external editor.

    You can use ⌘⇧E or use the menu item “File > Open With External Editor”. Make sure you save the document if you don’t use TableFlip’s menu item or shortcut.

  2. Insert a minimal table snippet into your file where the result should be saved.

    This is a table placeholder that TableFlip recognizes as an empty table which you can edit. The snippet looks like this:


    Please note the empty lines surrounding the two pipes.

    Of course you can paste a Markdown table complete with contents instead, too.

  3. Save changes to the document in your text editor.

  4. A new table will appear in TableFlip. Edit away. Save changes in TableFlip, and you’re done.