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Here’s just a glimpse of larger features I have planned for updates:

  • Change font sizes and improve overall readability
  • Full MultiMarkdown support: cells spanning 2+ columns, big headers, row separators
  • Search within table contents
  • Sort table by column/row
  • Drag & drop of cells and columns and rows (and files from outside the app)
  • Pandoc table support, which is a bit different from MultiMarkdown
  • LaTeX table flipping support
  • HTML table flipping support
  • Scrivener file support for Markdown flipping
  • Marked 2 preview of non-Markdown files
  • Deep and shallow editing: typing away to overwrite a cell enables/disables other interactions than starting to edit with Alt(⌥)-Enter

Stuff that would be nice to have, but maybe is a good starting point for version 2:

  • Export PDF, HTML, Excel
  • Insert new table in the document with a location picker
  • 2-pane mode to show multiple tables from the same document at once
  • iOS app 🙃