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Requires at least macOS 10.13 High Sierra and is ready for macOS 14 Sonoma.

Typing table markup sucks. Existing spreadsheet apps are slow.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

How about a fast and focused table editing app instead? Or editing tables in Markdown files live with a visual editor?

TableFlip Is the Cure. Don’t Just Take My Word for It. Take Nicholas's.

If you’re new to tables or just want to see TableFlip in action, watch this informative video by Nicholas Cifuentes-Goodbody (I skipped ahead to the part about TableFlip for you):

“Flipping”: Edit Markdown Files in Place

It’s simple: you change the Markdown file and the table will update; save the table in TableFlip and the Markdown file will be changed. It’s as seamless as it gets.


Work at Lightning Speed

Typing table markup is slow enough. TableFlip helps you get your table finished in no time: thanks to auto-growing tables, you don't even need to adjust the table size when you tab around the table!

autogrowing animation

Simple Table Editing

You need to store tabular data. But you cannot muster the strength to fire up Excel or Numbers. These full-blown spreadsheet apps are just too clumsy.

Sounds like your problem? Here you go, TableFlip is fast to boot and use. You don’t even have to speak Markdown to make use of its text-based tables!


Integrates with Marked 2

Thanks to Marked you’ll have a beautiful preview ready to print.

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Open and Export to

  • Markdown, 100% flipping: open existing files and save new tables as Markdown.
  • CSV, 100% flipping, too!
  • JSON, 100% flipping of documents, and import and export of snippets.
  • LaTeX export and copy to clipboard (flipping is planned)
  • HTML export and copy to clipboard (flipping is planned)

Also, your favorite table editing app from yesterday is going to be supported so you can ditch its clumsy file format:

  • Word (Upcoming)
  • Excel (Upcoming)
  • Numbers (Upcoming)

See the roadmap for details about what I have planned!

30 Day Free Trial
Requires at least macOS 10.13 High Sierra and is ready for macOS 14 Sonoma.

Why Customers Love TableFlip ❤️

Writing MultiMarkdown tables has always been a tedious chore, and TableFlip has changed the game. It’s an essential addition to any text-based writing workflow.
Brett Terpstra (@ttscoff)
Creator of Marked and productivity blogger:
TableFlip is a fantastic tool for allowing text fans to create tables!
@KeithDvorak on YouTube
I use TableFlip daily now – its a great app, and I like that I can use Atom (markdown edit), Marked 2 (preview) and TableFlip all simultaneously to do what I need to do.
Scott Rogers
Worked at Goalline
Tables are the one thing in Markdown where a GUI makes sense. TableFlip serves and delivers.
Patrick Welker (@_patrickwelker,
This app healed an awful pain in the ass: Editing tables in Markdown. My workflow has changed remarkably for the better.
Sascha Fast
Author of the Zettelkasten knowledge management book and blog
If you have ever created or maintained Markdown Tables then you know how challenging it can be. TableFlip takes the complexity away and provides a simple, intuitive and efficient GUI to ease the pain of plaintext tables. It’s worth every penny.
Mason Phillips
TableFlip is the ideal WYSIWYM-tool to create and review tables in long Markdown-files.
Thomas Falk
TableFlip is useful for users who have difficulties converting tables from CSV or Google Spreadsheets to Markdown. This is exactly what other Markdown editors lack!
Reviewed Markdown apps for My GPS Tools
MultiMarkdown tables were designed to be easy to create. This application actually makes that fucking happen.
Toffer Surovec
Curator of Little.Story.Gallery
TableFlip makes working with Markdown tables a breeze. Bonus: automatic table “prettyfying”.
Erik Wessel-Berg
As a viewer, TableFlip is focused […] As an editor, TableFlip makes creating and editing tables a breeze. […] I don't use tables enough to remember the correct syntax. That means tables slow me down and take me out of the flow of writing whenever I need one. TableFlip eliminates that roadblock, so I can keep writing without missing a beat.
John Vorhees
Contributing author at MacStories
At my college, we trap lots of tabular information in word-processing or spreadsheet documents. Making information shareable is a huge bottle-neck and TableFlip opens up that bottle neck. No more death by a thousand Word tables.
Jack Norton
I enjoy using Markdown for most of my standard writing tasks. But preparing tables in Markdown can be really clumsy and cumbersome, to say the least. A few months ago I was involved in beta-testing TableFlip, a visual editor focused on editing tables in Markdown. To my amazement I discovered that, with TableFlip, even a Markdown table can be fun! TableFlip is a visual editor that takes the hassle out of Markdown tables.
Sabino Maggi
Italian tech blogger
Tables in Markdown are easy if they have little content. And if they are small. For anything bigger that 5 cells per 5 cells I use only TableFlip. No headaches. No fuss.
zap (@factoria)
If you work with Markdown tables a lot, you should check out TableFlip to help make you life easier!
Richard Guay (Custom Computer Tools)
TableFlip makes creating and editing Markdown tables a lot easier: you get to manage everything visually and integrate the table in your project by relying on simple snippets.
Iulia Ivan
Editor at Softpedia

30 Day Free Trial
Requires at least macOS 10.13 High Sierra and is ready for macOS 14 Sonoma.