Typing table markup sucks. Existing spreadsheet apps are slow.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

How about a fast and focused table editing app instead? Or editing tables in Markdown files live with a visual editor?



Coming October 2016

“Flipping”: Live-edit Markdown files

It’s simple: you change the Markdown file and the table will update; save the table in TableFlip and the Markdown file will be changed. It’s as seamless as it gets.


Simple table editing

You need to store tabular data. But you cannot muster the strength to fire up Excel or Numbers. These full-blown spreadsheet apps are just too clumsy.

Sounds like your problem? Here you go, TableFlip is fast to boot and use.


Integrates with Marked 2

Thanks to Marked you’ll have a beautiful preview ready to print.

Open and Export to

  • Markdown
  • CSV (Upcoming)
  • HTML (Upcoming)
  • LaTeX (Upcoming)
  • Word (Upcoming)
  • Excel (Upcoming)
  • Numbers (Upcoming)